About us


Microalloying is a leading provider of consulting services for materials and fabrication


expert consultancy

Recognized throughout the oil and gas industry for consulting expertise in materials, fabrication, and engineering, Microalloying focuses on onshore and offshore fabrication and installation of offshore structures. We work with oil and gas organizations, engineering contractors, fabricators, oilfield service companies, and material producers.

In addition to consulting and R&D, Microalloying offers a wide range of metallurgical and support services including development and review of material and fabrication specifications, material pre-qualification testing and analysis, qualification and optimization of welding processes and procedures, and review of NDE specifications.



Our consultants have up to 60 years working experience in the oil and gas field, operating in major engineering and research institutes globally. We bolster highly educated consultants who have authored more than 100 papers in the design and assessment methods to offshore structures, pipelines, and pressure vessels.

Our team stems from over 90 years experience in welding and pipeline inspection within the energy sector.