Dr. Robin Gordon

Senior Vice President

Dr. Robin Gordon is a recognized expert in Materials, Fabrication, NDE, Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA) and Fracture & Fatigue Design of onshore and offshore pipeline systems.  Dr. Gordon has participated in numerous national and international committees to develop ECA and Fitness-for-Service Codes & Recommended Practices for the Pipeline, Offshore, and Petrochemical industry sectors.

Dr. Gordon's areas of expertise include:

  • Design Reviews
  • Material Specifications
  • Fabrication/NDE
  • Engineering Critical Assessment (ECA)
  • Strain Based Design
  • Fitness for Service / Reliability
  • Fracture Control Design / Assessment
  • Fatigue Design / Assessment
  • Failure Investigations
  • Residual Stresses
  • Sour Service ECA Analysis
  • Sour Service Testing

Dr. Gordon has authored more than 100 papers on the development and application of Fitness-for-Service and Reliability design and assessment methods to offshore structures, pipelines and pressure vessels. He has managed a number of major research projects for PRCI on pipeline reliability and pipeline repair as well as several international Joint Industry Projects on Fracture and Fatigue Design. Dr. Gordon is currently involved in a number of research initiatives to develop:

  • ECA methods for pipelines that experience large strains during installation or operation
  • ECA methods for pipelines operating in sweet CO2 and sour H2S service

Dr. Gordon has provided Materials, Fabrication, NDE and ECA support to numerous onshore and offshore pipeline projects.  Dr. Gordon has also developed Fracture Control Plans for numerous gas pipeline projects including high pressure Rich Gas and CO2 pipelines.